Our Story

22 Centurion Ventures is an early stage investment firm dedicated to developing and or funding early stage to corporate ventures. We support entrepreneurs with promising ideas and ventures, through offering different support models to suit their needs such as board of advisors, technology expertise, funding and opening up our global network of experts and contacts. We  work with these businesses through their early life-cycles until they are self sustaining companies. We are also looking to add efficiency and innovation to business processes. We also assist corporations by matching these great ideas and start-ups to their medium and long term corporate vision or by helping them to expand their intrapreneurial  projects into new markets. Our core teams are currently based in Amsterdam, Berlin and Seoul but expand throughout the world. We work with an international group of advisors and financial experts that have extensive experience within the IT and investment industry.

We created 22 Centurion Ventures to support entrepreneurs who want to deliver various value adding solutions to the real world, doing this based on their own experiences. We provide help on all aspects of your business plan and assist in connecting you to third parties that can support you in making your business successful.

In our fast changing world we want to work with entrepreneurs that understand globalization, the internet, and are ready to seize the opportunities that these bring. We want to add real value and real solutions. We do this by offering hands-on teams you can draw on for answers and inspiration for your project.